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Image of a holotope mandala by Kirby Seid

Recently I had a conversation with someone who told me how he had journeyed to the Akashic Records (pointing somewhere “up there”) and saw how “everything in the past is literally written in stone” and everything yet to be was soft and malleable. I just nodded because we were talking about something else entirely and the Records came up incidentally, and he was so invested in his account and spoke with such an authoritative tone, that I didn’t feel an opening or a desire to share my own experiences with him.

Yet here and now I wish to restate that there are billions of ways to experience the Akashic Records. I don’t mean that hyperbolically. Each of us has our own way, and that way will shift as we expand our awareness and evolve. One such shift for me is the feeling that I had to “go somewhere” to access them, as this gentleman did. Now I know I carry them within me. There is no “up there.” There is only #here.

And there is only now. One thing I have never gotten my mind around is when people have asked for “past life readings” because when I access their Records, I sense different energy patterns and flows that are decidedly nonlinear. And they tend to answer a deeper question than was asked, and when that answer is integrated, we feel an energetic pattern release, and what might have felt like “past lives” feel healed and integrated. And we don’t have to go into what era in history, what your name was, what you looked like, etc.

Anything we “see” is just our brains translating energy patterns, anyway. In a sense, it is all metaphorical. So some will see stone tablets, some will see books, but those who attune to the Records without any preconceptions of what information they will get and how, will open themselves to a space of infinite possibility.

So this is my own experience of the Records: they are in the here and now, they are ever-changing, and they are limitless. We might use a blessing or opening process as scaffolding to “get there,” but really all we need is breath and intention, an open heart and an open mind to access any and all of the guidance that we need in this moment now.




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