This was a meditation I did in real life inspired by Willa Hillacrissing, and it was so delightful that I brought it into the Akashic Records to share with the Akashic Records Study Group. I’m pleased to report that everyone seemed to experience very similar benefits to the ones I felt doing it outdoors!

Imagine or place yourself with your back to a tree, facing a running body of water—perhaps a babbling brook, rushing river, or shoreline. With your eyes open or closed, begin to turn inward and bring your awareness to the sound of the water. Then slowly begin to become aware of the sound of the wind through the trees.

When you feel yourself balanced between the sounds of the water and the wind, begin to bring awareness to your breath. Do this ever so gently, without forcing anything or stressing out about juggling it all.

Once you feel balanced with those three elements—the water, the wind, and your breath—continue to expand your awareness to your heartbeat. Again, do this ever so gently, balancing your awareness on all four flows.

Notice the symphony of sounds and sensations in and around you. Notice the effect of one on the other. Notice how you are a part of the music of nature. Notice that you as a human being are just as much a part of nature as the water, the wind, and the trees. Notice how you are surrounded by all the elements, including the ground beneath you and the sun or starlight above you. Notice how you have absolutely everything you need in this moment, in balance with creation.

Breathe it all in. Send whatever you are feeling in your heart—love, gratitude, peace, joy—out to the landscape. Pause to become aware of how nature responds and breathe her response in.
Use this meditation to connect and communicate more deeply with nature, the elements, your heart, and your breath.




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