I’ve been helping a private client connect to her heart, and one of the skills we were working on is discovering our truest desires. Sometimes we can barely admit to ourselves what these are, or we figure “why bother” because they seem so unattainable. For this client, the desire was happiness.

One of her limiting beliefs popped up immediately: “I don’t know if happiness is worth it.” But under inspection that belief crumbled right away when she realized that what she had referred to as “happiness” was that feeling of emptiness that comes when we achieve a goal for superficial or external reasons. I watched her energy lighten in front of me as that realization rushed in, and then she exclaimed, “I’m happy when I have realizations!”

And just like that she saw how something she thought she had to really strive for was already in her life. Her homework this week is to sit with that vibration of happiness for at least one minute a day and see what comes into her awareness or reality that resonates with it. We’re both super excited to see what she discovers!


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