A one-on-one student has really been enjoying noticing and learning about all the different little parts within herself. Recently she realized that one of her “protectors” likes to pretend it’s her True Self. She said she was able to see this protector part for what it was because she has been practicing grounding and centering, and whenever it shows up she doesn’t feel grounded or centered, which is what she feels when she is in the seat of her True Self.

Dr. Richard Schwartz cautions that many therapists conduct therapy from their False Self. This is a part that likes to masquerade as our True Self, our fount of inner wisdom. It doesn’t speak with the voice of our inner judge or critic. It likes to pretend it has everything together and under control, that it has all the answers and our best interests in mind (which, to be fair, it truly believes it does). The more we spend time in awareness of our True Self, the easier it becomes to identify when all our maladaptive parts get in the way, and the easier it is to handle them with wisdom and compassion.

Did you know that I’ve started offering my group programming as one-on-one sessions? We give you a good foundation in subtle energy hygiene and management and give you repeated and repeatable experiences of connecting to your inner wisdom. This is a really fun and awesome way to develop self trust and live from a more heart-centered place.


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