When I first got the inspiration to do this post series, the surge of energy was both exhilarating and intimidating. Part of me really wanted to pretend I didn’t feel that nudge and just continue doing what I do in my little modest corner. I knew the energy was there for me, though, and I was curious where this flow would take me, so I hopped on it with some mixed feelings.

The night before starting I tried to plan out at least a week’s worth of content, “just to make sure.” But then I caught myself. What was I doing? Wasn’t that neurotic tendency exactly the opposite of how I’ve learned to live my life since I started working with thAkashic RecordsAnd indeed, every morning this past month I’ve woken up either knowing what I was going to write about, or I would breathe into the inspiration right at my desk. The postings took a couple unexpected turns, but if I got the prompting, I trusted it was because someone somewhere needed to hear what I was to write that day.

Looking back, I realize I’d kept a lot of stuff bottled up for longer than I needed. But I don’t tend to broadcast this stuff for many reasons, the topmost of which is this is my sacred work. There were definitely days when I wanted to keep my head under a blanket. What made it all worth it were the connections I made with old readers and new around these topics. So thank you for seeing a little bit more of me and receiving what I have to share.

I’m not going to keep posting at this furious pace, but I’ll continue sharing via #akashiclearning as I go along. I’ve really enjoyed hearing from many of you about your sacred practice, and I look forward to learning and standing in the Records with you one day!


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