Yesterday I mentioned some of the challenges that arise when a client’s verbal unloading (which is distinct from an energetic unburdening) returns a sense of clutter or staleness from their Akashic Records: a sign they are stuck in confusion and old patterns. It’s more unusual, but the opposite problem also arises, where clients don’t seem to be saying enough to bring about a response. They might articulate a clear enough question, but if I don’t sense motion in their Records, I will ask them to elaborate.

It’s less a matter of building intellectual understanding, than of getting them deeper into the energy of the question. Basically, I want them to connect emotionally with the question, and instead of asking them if they can “feel more into it,” it’s often easier to ask, “Can you say a little more about that?” Again, I’m less interested in words or concepts than the energy behind them.

Once in awhile I get clients who choose not to elaborate their questions at all. Sometimes it’s a case of not wanting to share personal details, but other times I get the sense they’re testing me. This especially happens with new clients who’ve made rounds with other intuitive readers. I respect their boundaries in both cases and do my best with scant information.

The vaguest question I ever got was “What happened to me last August?” I got the sense this client didn’t want to say any more around that, so I didn’t press her. I just breathed into her question as usual, and to my surprise I got a very clear answer from the Records. It was image based, and I didn’t know how metaphorical it was, but really it was none of my business. The client understood the vision, and the guidance that came through for how to handle the situation satisfied her, and that’s what matters most.

Non-attachment to intellectual understanding was one of my biggest hurdles to surmount as a reader, yet it is the key to opening to deeper guidance.


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