There’s a certain amount of education that needs to be done with new clients, especially those unfamiliar with intuitive readings or energy healing. Sometimes clients will come to a session brimming over with stuff to unload. I might ask them what their first question is, and it’s like a pressure valve being released. They are grateful for someone to talk to who might help solve their problems. Often they need to let out what’s been bottled up, or put to words what they’ve scarcely admitted to themselves let alone to another living soul.

But sometimes a client’s rambling can get in the way of a reading. I experience this as a sense of sitters running a well-worn track with stories they’ve told over and over to themselves and to friends, therapists, and anyone else willing to lend an ear. There’s a certain atmosphere in the Akashic Records when this happens, and when I feel the story is unproductive, I gently cut clients off and either ask them to get to the point (“What is your question around this?”) or I let them know that I don’t need all those details. Honestly, clients need to say just enough to get their Records responsive. After awhile I might not listen to their precise words because I’m parsing the energy behind their question and the answer it’s calling in. Past a certain point the words are extraneous and just get in the way.

As a reader I want to make the most of our time together, and often that means nipping old stories in the bud. We are here to create new energetic ground, not cut more deeply into old grooves. When clients are given free rein to do the talking in a session it’s because they are making new connections and blazing new trails through a landscape that didn’t seem to offer any clear paths forward. If you are looking for a space where you can air your grievances without interruption, therapy might be a better choice for you. There is a time and place for all  healing modalities!


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