I once offered an Akashic Records reading where a client kept pressing me on the specifics of a real estate deal—when to sell and to whom—and all I kept getting were dream-like images that weren’t satisfying his desire for clarity. After a few minutes of struggling in this way, he finally suggested (to my great relief) that we move on to his real question. We both experienced a turning point in the reading when he asked about connecting to his concept of divinity and was shown his own unique way of doing that. A really powerful energy entered both of us and I held space as he was able to ask and answer questions for himself—including his initial ones on real estate!

After the reading he expressed his gratitude and then chuckled: “So you’re not really the person to come to for real estate questions, huh?” I giggled back, “No, no I’m not!” (And please don’t ask me what the name of your soulmate is, and exactly where and when you’ll meet. I mean, you can, but be prepared for elliptical answers.) While I can definitely convey the energy dynamics behind relationships and situations, maybe even describe how a person appears energetically, and tell you how likely or far away a scenario is from happening, I don’t do specific predictive work.

But if you want to access your inner truth and understand the deeper currents / bigger picture of your life, I’m your reader. I used to feel bad not being able to satisfy every client on every question, but we all have areas of strength and it might be worth asking about it before booking a reading.


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