When I first started working with the Akashic Records, they used to tell me that even “outside” the Records I was being sent guidance in the form of signs. This literally brought me to tears of great frustration because at that point in my life I couldn’t discern any of it. Was this a sign? Was that? If I was always receiving guidance, why did I feel so lost and left to my own devices?

To this my Records counseled that I was being hyper-vigilant. I was working too hard looking for signs, looking in all the wrong places, and missing everything under my nose. But where should I look? Why can’t it be more obvious? Why make it so hard for me? Should I just take everything as a sign? My Records were clear on this: “Not everything’s a sign.”

I’ve heard some people say there is no such thing as coincidence, but I don’t share that view. I know when I am straining to find deeper meaning or read for connections that don’t exist (skills from my PhD!). I also know how truth feels in my body. And this is key. When you run across something that might be a sign, what gets engaged? If it’s only your mind, it’s probably not a sign but wishful thinking or cognitive bias (frequency illusion, a.k.a. Baader Meinhof phenomenon). But if you’re hit lower down or more deeply—in your heart, gut, or you get a full body and/or emotional reaction—you are probably recognizing truth for yourself.

If you’ve been following my #akashiclearning posts you can probably guess what I have to say next: An Akashic Records practice can support in this. Standing in the frequency of truth will help you move away from an over-reliance on the mind to discern truth and see it instead as something that your full being recognizes. What’s more, you will learn to develop open focus / soft focus, where you are deeply relaxed yet alert to the flows around you. Reach out if you want to develop your own practice! Reading signs and recognizing synchronicity isn’t an effortful practice. It can be a lot of fun when you develop the right disposition for it.


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