Yesterday I shared how I sometimes receive guidance for clients long before they show up for their Akashic Record Readings. I don’t expect it, though. More often than not, I will arrive totally fresh. In fact, if you start telling me your issues beforehand, I will ask you to save it for the reading because the less I know the better. Information just creates more work for me to quiet my mind.

There are times, however, when I feel moved to connect to my Records beforehand to ask for the energy of the upcoming reading to step forward. I ask for support, and I ask if there is anything I need to know ahead of time. Sometimes I am given very specific instructions, such as to begin a reading by calling out to the four directions. If we need even more support, I will actually prepare my space and set up a crystal grid and/or altar.

There have been times when I get a huge rush of energy and the heat will make me start sweating. That’s usually a sign that it’s going to be a BIG reading, and I make sure to take some extra deep breaths and feel the excitement rather than the overwhelm.

Maybe 7 times out of 10 I will show up to a reading having done nothing more than grounding and centering myself. I’ll maybe have a candle or a crystal, but not always. The most important tools to have, after all, are an open heart and open mind.


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