Yesterday I posted about how an Akashic Record reading begins with a commitment to your intention to ask for and receive support around your questions and concerns. Energy starts shifting and answers may even arrive long before we hop on our call together. Today I wanted to share some of the magic on my end as a reader. When I started getting comfortable reading for others, I began to notice that I would already start receiving guidance on behalf of a client in the hours leading up to a session. (Being relaxed is key, because if you are too wrapped up in nerves, you won’t be open to the signs and synchronicity.)

What does this look like? Sometimes I pull down a book that’s been gathering dust on my shelf and find I’m suddenly inspired to read it. Other times I will receive a newsletter of no real interest to me, yet instead of hitting delete, I find myself skimming through it. In cases like these, the material I take in ends up being useful in a coming reading.

Sometimes I will wake up feeling absolutely compelled to do something, only to find I need to speak to that experience with a client. One example is when I finally got around to setting up my altar, which I had been putting off because I didn’t feel I had the ideal space in my apartment. Later that day I offered a reading to a client whose Records wanted to teach her about creating sacred space for herself even when the conditions in her life didn’t appear to lend themselves to it.

A most wondrous way I receive direction before a reading begins is when I experience something in daily life that seems to “pop out” energetically. There is nothing extraordinary happening, per se, but it’s as if the moment is freeze-framed or highlighted, as if to say, “Pay attention and remember this.” Once I got the itch to take a detour on my way home to treat myself to a cup of coffee. As I was quietly sipping my coffee a car alarm went off across the street. It was NYC—not a big deal, but I felt that internal nudge. In a reading that afternoon that very scene popped back into my consciousness and it ended up being the perfect response to someone’s question!

Oh the unending mystery! If you wish to participate more consciously in the magic of the world, an Akashic Record reading is a great place to start! And with practice, you will develop the skill of open focus to attune to all the guidance that is always around us, and trust your inspiration is always leading you in the right direction.


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