Did you know your Akashic Records practice can support your creative practice? I know a few people who paint while connected to the Records (for themselves or for others). You can do this for any creative endeavor. Attune to your Records, then instead of asking a question, request that the energy for your project step forward. Keeping your connection open, create from that place of inspiration.

You may or may not feel anything immediately or explicitly. Part of it is trusting and following the flow, and to be honest, if you are adept at working with inspiration, it may not feel all that different from your usual process. Some sense a big difference. But when I do this for myself, it’s for moral support, not creative inspiration. Then again, I have a strong connection to my muse, and I consciously use music and dance to get the flow going.

As with anything else, the point is not to foster dependency on the Akashic Records, but to be able to access and discern the energetic flows around you, call in the ones you wish to experience, and to trust and act on what you receive—within the space of the Records and in the course of daily life.


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