In the wake of my dad’s death I became obsessed with different tools and systems that promised to reveal something about my essential nature. It’s certainly fascinating how many roads to the Self we humans have come up with, and I think every piece contributes to solving the puzzle. Sometimes, however, I run across individuals who don’t know how to access a sense of self beyond what they’ve read or been told about themselves, or what the past has “determined” for them: “I’m an empath / type A / introvert / survivor / [fill in your sun sign].”

Please remember: No one can show you the Big Picture but you. You don’t arrive at the fullness of Self by simply cobbling together your astrology, numerology, Myers Briggs, etc. profiles. You won’t get it from someone offering you an Akashic Record reading. What’s more: your past certainly informs who you are, but the answer to “Who am I?” is always in the present tense. Who are you in this moment NOW?

Tools, systems, energy healing modalities—these are all access points. To know yourself, you pick a path or two to serve as the backbone of your inquiry and keep walking into the depths. The work may start off conceptual: “I am this way but not that.” Then at some point on your journey you will become keenly attuned to your energy field and develop a sense of what it’s really like being in your own presence. (And no, I am not referring to that critical voice that yells at you or whispers insidiously in your ear.) This will bring incomparable depths to your sense of self. Much of it lies beyond language, but for now I’ll hang the term ‘sacred’ on it.

The moment you reach this stillness, you’ll find that it’s positively teeming with motion. It’s from this “still” center that your true passions emerge, your creativity germinates. And when you build a strong line to that trueness of Self, more and more you life comes into integrity because your actions will be increasingly inspired by that wellspring of peace and joy.


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