Akashic Learning 11: Opening to

I used to talk colloquially about being “in” the Akashic Records, or “opening” them—residue of that library / book metaphor that never really stuck with me. Last year over a period of months, my opening process and blessing started shifting. I received the message that “you don’t ‘open’ the Records; you ‘open to’ them.”

That resonated immediately with me. Indeed, the Records are all around and within us. We all have access. They are open to us “24/7,” as they once told me early in my practice. The reluctance to seek advice and support, or even just to sit in the intense frequency of unconditional love, is entirely our own. So when we attune to the Akashic Records, we open ourselves to all that: love, support, higher perspective, new learning, and possibility. We might have questions, needs, and desires, but if we don’t first open, how can we receive?

Today’s image comes from the playfully surreal Ostara Tarot, which weaves together five different artists’ work in a cohesive deck.

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