Not everyone agrees with this, but I don’t think you need a teacher or a set process to learn how to access your Akashic Records. Simply put, everyone has his or her own way of tapping into their soul’s flow. We adopt blessings / techniques / rituals as scaffolds to guide us confidently along the path, but with practice, I believe we can literally breathe our way into the Records.

When you focus your intention and awareness in meditation, or spontaneously experience uncanny moments of inspiration, you may be unconsciously tapping into your Akashic Records. Building discipline around the process gets you “there” more consciously and reliably. And a teacher helps hold the energy steady while you learn to hold space for yourself.

Today’s image comes from the Vision Quest Tarot, which is a Thoth-based deck, so it feels a bit different from the Rider-Waite system.


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