Some people picture the Akashic Records as a cosmic library that contains everyone’s Book of Life. And why not? That is what an Internet search will lead you to think, and many have indeed learned to work in the Records using this metaphor. This is not how I learned or teach others, though. I don’t believe in giving people preconceived notions of what or what not to expect when they connect. I do have one student who often sees a library when she attunes to her Records, but most others find themselves in vastly different spaces once they connect.

You might find yourself in a defined space that may or may not be consistent from reading to reading, or you might be more like me. I see or feel myself standing in total darkness or total light until a question starts moving the energy. Sometimes, however, I find myself immediately transported to a scene that gives me a hint to the direction of the reading.

Once I had someone request I connect to her Records the way she learned, by approaching a “Record Keeper” and asking for her book. Whenever she asked me a question, I was to open to a random page and read what was there. It ended up being more of a pop-up book than text-based. And it worked, she was happy with the reading I gave her. I had fun trying something new.

But I generally don’t like forcing a framework on my readings because I feel that the way I let magic in is by letting things flow the way they want to. So when books or scrolls or pages appear in readings, it’s because that’s what’s coming forward, and not because it’s how I insist the information show up.


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