Often an Akashic Records practice will demand that you turn deeply held habits or values on their head. A big one for me was only to speak when I’d developed enough knowledge or expertise.

I spent the better part of a decade in grad school, building up all sorts of skills including thorough research and well-fortified arguments. Unfortunately, almost all of it was at the expense of courage. I’d come up with bold ideas, but rarely felt they were ready to share unless they’d undergone a long process of polishing.

When I started my own business in youth services, I didn’t have the same luxury of time, so I learned to take more intellectual risks and hired a voice coach to help get over the fear of public speaking.

I used to think that was a big deal till I started offering Akashic Record readings where sometimes I literally had to open my mouth and start talking before knowing what was gonna come out. Talk about getting comfortable with uncertainty.

When I started training for this, part of me protested hard: “So I have to speak out of my ass?!” …Yeah, kind of. But when the energy meets you right as you step off the cliff, you find yourself supported. This is just one of the many amazing mysteries of the work! And, yes, this also pays off in other areas of life.


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