(Image from the gorgeous Tarot of the Hidden Realm, one of my favorite tarot decks.)

Our latest study circle brought wonderful new energy to the group dynamic! We learned to connect to the Akashic Records as collectively and the message to us was overwhelmingly in favor of bringing the energy of fun and play into our practice.

It’s so easy to get overly serious when beginning a new spiritual practice (or, really, when applying ourselves to any endeavor that is meaningful to us). But what often happens is we end up choking the flow in our efforts to “do things right,” grasp for truth, and “improve” ourselves.

This was a beautiful reminder of the power of levity. Laughter brings more breath in to support the flow of energy. Imagination becomes another avenue for our intuition. And play suspends doubt and self judgment so we can open to new possibilities. Many of our preconceptions and expectations got upended. We received “homework” this week to play in the Records, and I can’t wait to see what unfolds!








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