When people learn to access their Akashic Records they come into conscious contact with the flow of their soul. For some it is a feeling of homecoming, like re-encountering something dear and familiar after a time of forgetting. For others, being held in a field of unconditional love an be so overwhelming it moves them to tears. Still for many, the very prospect of entering the realm of the infinite and eternal sets off so many triggers. Will I be able to do this? Am I imagining things? Am I worthy of standing in such sacred space?

At last Sunday’s ceremony, when opening sacred space, we welcomed all aspects of the Self: those parts of ourselves we’d shut down for being too much or not enough, those parts of ourselves that we’d judged too sensitive or not sensitive enough, even those parts of ourselves we don’t prefer or think we should keep at bay. All is welcome here. The “higher self” isn’t what we judge to be the best part of ourselves. In my view, the Higher Self encompasses all in love.

The card shown is the Freedom of Love from a deck called Sacred Geometry Cards for the Visionary Path. It features a dodecahedron symbolizing unity consciousness or Christ consciousness. There is so much urgency around creating world peace and brotherhood, but the very first step, as always, is an internal one. For if we are divided in ourselves, if we cannot own those disinherited parts of ourselves, how do we get past tribalism and build bridges to others? If we cannot find compassion for the darkest parts of ourselves, how are we to heal the rifts in our larger social fabric?

The Akashic Records is but one of many, many paths to a deep and abiding sense of love, peace, joy, wholeness, and freedom into one’s life. What’s yours?


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