This is a restorative meditation that is great to use when you’re running ragged and feel you need to slough off other people’s energies and all your worries and concerns so you can come back to center and fill yourself back up again. It is similar to the Personal Sun meditation, but this is more involved because it guides us through a release process first (where we have the help of the light instead of simply releasing what we will through our grounding). I also think that the light we call back to our personal sun and the light that we receive from our personal star feels a bit different, but this will no doubt vary from person to person or day to day. For me, however, the personal sun feels more connected to the divine masculine, while my personal star feels more balanced toward the divine feminine.

I won’t reproduce a written transcript, but here is a rough structure of the guided meditation in case you wish to lead yourself or others through it without my audio:

  • ground and center
  • envision a shower head above your crown washing you with divine light
  • let the light wash away anything that doesn’t serve you
  • connect to your personal star and let it fill your whole body and aura with light
  • do a PEMS check to see if anything else needs to be released and/or filled
  • come back to the room and reground

We did an extended version of this with the group because that is what felt right at the time, but this is a shorter version that you can do when you feel pinched for time.

Audio (4:13)


PS: You can also take this meditation into an actual shower! Really feel the water wash over you, and see everything that isn’t serving you going down the drain to be transmuted into something better.


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