In my series on quality in Akashic Record readings, I repeatedly stated that the notion of accuracy in the Records is a moving target. Here I’d like to unpack that so I can be clear about the kind of guidance the Records are best at giving, and my strengths as a reader. This way, you can get a sense of whether I am the reader for you, or if you might be better served by another Akashic Record reader or other type of intuitive professional entirely. (Scroll down for the TL;DR summary.)

In the context of this discussion, there are two things you should know about my reading style. I’ve worked and talked shop with a lot of different readers, which gives me a great perspective on my particular craft. One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m particularly sensitive to motion. What does this mean? Some readers seem to get hit by a whole lot of information right away, and these same individuals seem to have a facility for translating what they get neatly into words. By comparison, what I notice first are motions of energy, which is how I know where to place my attention to begin with. Sometimes this gets translated into words, but most of the time what follows is either an image, a feeling (either emotional or physical), or a more intangible knowing.

The second thing you should know is that I stand in the Records in the widest way possible so that I can capture anything from the biggest wave of energy to the most particular detail or answer. I don’t know ahead of time how the Records will want to handle a question, so I am ready for any and all possible answers.

When you put these two qualities together, you might begin to understand that what I experience in the Records is always changing from moment to moment. This is not particular to me, but is actually the very nature of how energy flows in the Records. You can see this most clearly in a group healing, when a bunch of different readers open the Records of a focus person. A lot of us might get one answer upon first hearing the question, but as everyone speaks into the circle to share their guidance, by the time your turn comes around, the energy of the issue may have already shifted enough that what you bring through will be somewhat different than what you initially got. This is one way that truth is a moving target in the Records.

Compounding this motion is the fact that your client’s free will and the free will of anyone else connected to his or her situation has an effect on what happens after any reading. All I can read is how the energy is trending in this moment. If nothing else changes, then chances are what is predicted to happen will bear out.

Another reason why certain details are so difficult to pin down is because the Records exist in a realm beyond our everyday notions of space and time. I can get the sense of something being imminent or farther off. And in the latter case I might be able to pin down if it’s a matter of weeks or months. But unless the Records give me a number, it’s up to me to read the energy and translate that into linear time. That said, you are necessarily going to experience time differently in the Records. From our (generally impatient) human point of view, that seems like an awfully long time! Whereas, from the point of view of eternity, a few years is nothing. So if I say, “It doesn’t feel that far off,” I am speaking from the perspective of the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones. How congruent that is with our human definitions of “not far away,” I can’t say for sure!

This might sound really frustrating, but having worked long enough in the Records, I can assure you that the Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones don’t intend to be obnoxious. This brings me to a larger point about what Akashic Record readings excel at, which is self empowerment. This really reframes the question of “accuracy” in such a fundamental way, because accuracy does not even factor into a situation where the Records are trying to get you to come to your own truth in the best way possible. Sometimes it’s by giving you clear guidance, other times it’s through Socratic teaching, and at other times it’s by stepping back and having you come to the answer on your own, either in the moment or long after the reading is over. Because of this, I don’t approach the Records as a repository of information that tells me or anyone else what to do. It could very well work differently for others, but for me, the Records don’t just spit out advice on demand that way. They are not in the business of telling human beings how to lead their lives. One client’s guides put it best by saying, “The Records are not a magic eight ball.” The Akashic Records, to put it another way, are more broadly oracular than predictive or prescriptive.

What does this mean in practice? If you ask, “Who is my soul mate and when will we meet?” there is always a chance that your Masters, Teachers, and Loved Ones will produce a name and a time. But speaking from experience, it is more likely that your guides will take the opportunity to teach you something about yourself that you’ve never considered. They may have you redefine the term “soul mate,” or they may have you reexamine what’s been keeping you at a distance from love and provide guidance around opening your heart.

Of course, the Records may very well send a highly specific answer, but it may not be the one you thought you were looking for, as when I got an image of a client’s soul mate already being in her life, but somehow trapped in circumstances that kept them apart. Since that client did not pursue other possibilities after receiving that question, it signaled to me that behind her “soul mate” question was really a concern about that particular individual in her life, and she needed to come to terms with that relationship before even considering other alternatives.

Apart from the soul mate question, the “life purpose” question is also a perennial favorite. I personally love receiving these questions because I am always super curious to see how a client’s guides will handle it. Sometimes it’s specific in the sense of “you are meant to teach.” But they may use the question as an occasion to talk about the definition of “purpose” and uncover your limiting assumptions (it’s not synonymous with “career”). I’ve also seen how they turn the question around and ask someone why she felt the need to have a purpose (!!!). And sometimes they answer by conveying a certain image and/or feeling that teaches the seeker to recognize when she is walking in alignment with her purpose.

There is a similar dynamic with YES/NO questions, especially of the “Should I…?” variety. I can definitely sense the difference between “yes” and “no,” but in the Records it is also possible for there to be a “maybe” and (most intriguingly) “both yes and no.” Sometimes they elaborate on their answer, sometimes they wait to be asked before providing elaboration.

I don’t do this myself, but some Akashic Record readers go so far as to reword clients questions away from “who,” “when,” and “should I…? toward “how” and “why.” They do so in an effort to garner rich responses from the Records that will empower clients. I believe more in meeting clients where they’re at. If they want to ask the “What is my soul mate’s name and when will I meet him?” kind of question, I stand in the broadest way possible to let the Records decide how they want to respond, since (to return to the question of quality), it is the intention of the client—not mine—that guides a reading.

As a reader, the kind of specificity that I excel at lies in the images I bring through. More often than not, they hit home immediately. Sometimes the pictures capture in very concrete terms a specific flow in a person’s life (as in the situation with my client’s soul mate, above). Another common occurrence is when guides will suggest an exercise to help a client get unstuck. “I can see myself doing that!” or “I’ve done that before!” are very typical responses to this scenario. Sometimes the Records will send a very abstract or parabolic image whose meaning isn’t immediately clear to either me or my client, but nonetheless it is met with an undeniable recognition. That is, it will resonate with my client at a level deeper than the intellect, and we can trust that the meaning will unfold and the energy will integrate in my client’s life as she moves forward. This is why I believe that the energetic healing aspect of the Akashic Records is actually more fundamental than its information-giving component. And to return full circle, it is also why “accuracy” is not something I try to aim for in my readings.

The TL;DR summary of all this is:

  • If you want specific answers to questions of the “who” “where,” and “when” variety, then perhaps a psychic reading is what you’re looking for. Many psychics seem to have the uncanny ability to pin down names, dates, and details with a high degree of specificity. I think that’s amazing, so there is no judgment here. I, too, have been in that boat of being so tired of floundering about, looking for answers, that all I really want is someone to tell me where to go, what to do, and with whom. If that’s where you are, then seek someone who can give you a battery of answers to all your detail-oriented questions.
  • If you want simple yes/no answers, use a pendulum or muscle testing. Also, the tarot community may hate me for saying this, but I have had great results drawing cards for yes/no questions, particularly with a deck built to handle these sorts of questions, such as the Mystical Cats Tarot.
  • If, however, you are ready to let go of your need to know every last detail of your future (which is never written in stone to begin with), and open to the deeper flows in your life to see the choices before you, then I recommend an Akashic Record reading!
  • An Akashic Record reading can be very specific in its conveyance of truth, but that won’t always look like a detailed list of instructions for you to follow.




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