I’ve been writing about how it’s important to assess an Akashic Record reading with a view to certain dynamic qualities, rather than along static notions of “accuracy.” I’m saving the discussion on accuracy as a moving target for a later post so that I can lay out the qualities that I think are most important for me as a reader to bring to any reading. If you are new to this series, you can start here, at the first post in the series. Otherwise, here is an overview of what we have covered so far, and where we are headed.


In this series I’m primarily concerned with the reader’s responsibilities for providing a quality reading, rather than the client’s role in all this. As I mentioned in my post about intention, although the seeker’s intention definitely plays a part in the reading—muddy intentions will make it more difficult to find the flow to focus on—it is not the reader’s job to “direct” the reading in any way. This can be very frustrating, because as a reader you can definitely get a sense of certain directions that feel like untapped treasure troves of guidance, and you will think, “If only she would go there.” “If only he would ask a follow up question on this.” But remember: it’s not your reading!

It is a similar case for presence. The reader ultimately takes responsibility for holding the space (for discovery, healing, change, infinite possibility) regardless of how the client shows up. If you hold your own energy steady, and continually tap into the peace and stillness within, then you will find that you will have more than enough room for whatever difficult emotions are coming up on the other end, and they won’t throw you off center as they move in and out of that space.*

Today I am moving on to the quality of open mind. As above, I will comment briefly on the part of the client and then shift my focus primarily on the reader. To be clear, a seeker does not need to have blind faith in the power of the Akashic Records or a firm grasp of what they even are to receive a reading. But he does have to be open to the idea that it might be possible to make this sort of connection, and curious enough to suspend even a bit of his initial doubt, disbelief, skepticism, or cynicism. (Curiosity or flat out desperation, by the way, go a long way in opening people’s minds.) But I only have permission to open the Records of a willing participant. So if someone does not say Yes to this journey, then it’s a no go.**

So, as a reader, what do I have control over? Why, my openness of mind, of course.


In the post on presence I gave some tips about leaving stuff like fear, judgment, opinions, expectations, etc. at the door to the Records. All of that interrupts the stillness that you will need for a deep connection to the flows coming at you. I want to add that as a reader, you will be pulling guidance from the Records that might directly contradict or challenge your current knowledge, opinions, judgments, and beliefs about certain topics. It is a matter of integrity for you to be able to communicate that flow regardless of your own narrow perspectives.


Another way of assuming the pose of open mind is to set the intention to maintain beginner’s mind.*** One of the ways that this is baked into the process that I use to open the Records is a rule devised by my teacher’s teacher: I do not set out to memorize the blessing that I use to get into the Records. I read it off a card almost every single time I utter it.****

As with most things in the Records, beginner’s mind is a tricky thing to embody because it is always in a delicate, dynamic dance with trust. To do my best work, I have to have enough trust in myself and the process, but not so much that I start thinking of myself as an expert and begin regarding the process in a static way.

I have worked as a client and a colleague with a lot of different energy healers and intuitive types, and I find that those who do the deepest work for others are always open to the process changing for them (and thus requiring a lot of internal work on their part to adjust to constant shifts and open to profound transformation). Those people who have a formula they are comfortable with tend to be one trick ponies. They can bring forth useful information, but over time the air around them starts to feel a little stale and I don’t feel the need to reengage their services or play in their sandbox any longer.

Early on in my studies I was experiencing a lot of motion and instability in my opening process, and I regarded it as a problem because I was experiencing a lot of motion and instability in my external life. I was really hoping that the Records would provide a sacred space where I would feel safe, stable, and secure. The constant variability would not stop, however, so finally I opened my own Records and asked, “What is sacred space for me?” The Records, without missing a beat, answered, “Any place where you can come to the fullness of yourself.” When I heard those words I felt something shift deep inside of me, and suddenly I let go of any need for consistency in my opening process. Indeed, the next time I opened my Records, literally every element in the process was something so unprecedented and unexpected, that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. (Most poignantly, the “threshold” itself was not any sort of door or doorway or portal, but the ever-shifting seastrand!)

Letting go of judgment, expectation, and my need for predictability opened me up to surprise (which I consider a fundamental spiritual principle) and sheer delight. That is the joy of discovery and possibility that the Records have to offer! I carry this openness into the Records with me, and I see the fruits of this intention in the way that my abilities deepen and broaden. Because I never expect my readings to happen any one way, I find myself able to bring forth guidance and healing in ever increasing ways. (As a beginner, I received mostly images. Then my ability to hear words and phrases increased. Then I started noticing emotions and feelings. Then my outer and inner vision started to meld. At a certain point my physical senses intensified and I would be hit by heat or intense tingling. Lately I’ve been able to receive instant downloads bypassing all of these other avenues.)

It occurs to me just now that with all my talk about setting your mind chatter aside, I may be painting a picture of Akashic Records work as an arena where the mind has no role to play, which couldn’t be further from the truth. So in my next post I’ll write an addendum to this series on recruiting the aid of your discerning mind in Akashic Record readings before moving on to the quality of open heart.

*Just a gentle reminder to fellow energy workers and empaths/sensitive types: Remember not to take on or hold onto to any energy that you are helping other people move. It is good practice to be mindful of not simply dumping it in front of you either. Set the intention to let the energy be transmuted (by Earth, the Universe, Divine Light, etc.) and flow into whatever form serves the highest good of all.
**This is why it’s not possible to buy a gift certificate for someone else to receive a reading. And no reader of any integrity will ever say something like,”I think you need a reading.” People have to want it for themselves and sense for themselves that it is something they need and desire.
***This is such an important principle to me that I consider it one of the three pillars that hold up the sacred space of Dreamers & Schemers.
****There have been a couple exceptions to this, such as when I found myself on a magical island in Iceland and wanted to open the Records but found I had left the index card my blessing is written on in the rental car back on the mainland. Before opening the Records on such an occasion I always state my intention to my spirit team and strike a deal that if it is not in my best interest to open my Records without my blessing in front of me, then I just won’t remember it.


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