In the previous post I began to explain that I aim for quality rather than accuracy (because accuracy is a moving target in energy readings), and I enumerated a few elements that I make every effort to bring to every reading I offer. They are as follows:

In this post I will talk about intention, which is fundamental to all forms of energy work, but arguably more so in an Akashic Record reading because it is really driven by the questions of the seeker.* A quality Akashic Record reading begins with intention. Since what initiates and structures a reading is the client’s intention, in a certain sense, it is what it is. What concerns me here has mostly to do with the reader, rather than the seeker. As a reader with human opinions and preferences, I of course have ideas about what makes one client easier to read for than another. But as I wrote earlier, my pledge to my clients is that they can “come as they are,” and I will meet them, as the Records do, exactly where they are, and proceed with the utmost integrity.

Once I gave a reading for a client who only had the vaguest of intentions, and I could actually see and feel her guides tapping their feet, patiently awaiting her questions with some amusement. From a certain perspective, this is not ideal, but what is more important to consider than the clarity of the client’s intention is the purity of the reader’s intention. Is the reader willing to let the client’s intention drive the reading, or is she going to allow her own judgments and opinions to interrupt the flow? A reader who wishes to offer a quality reading must therefore be able to put all her own preconceptions, opinions, and desires to “help” aside to make room for what is actually coming to her from the Records, based on the client’s intentions.

Having a natural desire to help, I had to learn this lesson the hard way. While I was still learning to read for others someone came to me for a reading with maybe half a dozen questions for the half hour slot she had booked. My own personal preference is to have two, maybe three, questions in a half hour reading, and around four or five questions if we have an hour. This usually gives me time to sink into each question deeply and for the client, in turn, to open fully to the guidance and have it sink in. This client, however, for whatever reason of willingness, ability, or interest, did not indicate a desire to pursue certain guidance coming out very deeply. She would ask a question, I would begin to give an answer, and then she would move on at a brisk clip to the next question. When she asked a particularly big, heavy question, I felt that there was a lot of information coming through from the Records, but it wouldn’t come through without more engagement from her. So I repeatedly pressed her to ask follow up questions on that topic, but she kept wanting to evade the issue and move on with her checklist.

Looking back on that reading makes me cringe because I felt I had violated fundamental tenet of my practice. The client was obviously not ready to dive deep into that issue at that time, and even though I could sense the opportunity for deeper healing for her, there was nothing I could do about it. If I could do it over again, I would not push so hard. If she doesn’t want to look at her stuff I can’t make her. I can’t want anyone’s healing more than they want it for themselves. And I have to respect the pace and timing of other people’s journeys. This experience showed me the extent of my people-pleasing, and reminded me to be respectful of people’s boundaries. It was a very humbling and powerful lesson for me, in Akashic Records as in life in general, so for that I am grateful.

It is the case that some Akashic Record readers (or intuitives working in other modalities) will go so far as to require clients to frame their questions in a very particular way. In fact, I have worked with a reader who requires all her clients to submit a question set to her beforehand. Her aim is to reframe questions as more empowering. (Instead of asking, for example, Who is my soulmate? or When will I meet my soulmate? she would likely recommend, What can I do to attract a soulmate?) While I certainly do have my own recommendations for how to frame and ask richer or more “productive” questions, I always encourage clients to ask the questions that are weighing most heavily on them, and not to worry too much about the wording. I have clients ask the questions they want to ask, in the way they wish to ask them, and leave it to the Records to answer them as they are or modify them as they see fit.

Stay tuned for my next pose about how to stay present in spite of all your fears, doubts, worries, and preoccupations!

*This is also the case with tarot readings. Vague intentions will likely result in confusing cards. There is much to be written about Akashic Record readings in comparison to other metaphysical work (astrology readings, psychic readings, tarot readings, etc.) but I’ll save that for another date.


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