For reasons that will become clearer in later posts, accuracy in Akashic Record readings is not so straightforward. Sometimes clients compliment me by proclaiming that so much of what I brought through is “accurate” because it confirmed other readings they’ve received from psychics, tarot readers, or astrologers, etc. I always find it interesting when that comes up, but frankly, it doesn’t really factor into my own self-assessment. Although no client so far has protested that my reading contradicted other readings, if I did receive that feedback, it would certainly give me pause, but it would not automatically lead to self-indictment.

I don’t want to seem dismissive of the notion of “accuracy,” because Akashic Record readers trade in truth. In later posts I will treat the matter of truth and accuracy more deeply (and also the habit of self-indictment, for all you aspiring intuitive readers out there!), but for now let’s table that and focus on quality. Because ultimately it is quality that I aim for, rather than accuracy, because when it comes to energy readings, accuracy is a moving target.

In the interest of transparency, I want to share what I mean by quality by going through the elements that I look for when it comes to assessing my own readings. Here I will limit myself to listing these characteristics with brief parenthetical descriptions. Then in later posts I’ll explain how each aspect contributes to the quality of a reading.


Note that in my ideal scenario as a reader, I would also prefer that the client be fully present and situated in a quiet environment, free of distractions so she can quiet her mind for the reading. I would also prefer that she bring a clear intention to the reading so I don’t fumble around the Records looking for the frame or the main thread. It’s also great when clients can bring an open heart and an open mind to a reading, though it can be challenging when so much emotion is invested in their questions.

But if you think about it, if everyone were completely at peace with their questions and open to whatever would come, they would bypass the need for a reading entirely! My pledge to my clients is that they can “come as they are,” and I will meet them, as the Records do, exactly where they are, and proceed with the utmost integrity.

What do I mean by that, and how do I do that, exactly? Stay tuned for upcoming posts!



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