This is adapted from the book, Many Paths, One Mountain. Preparing to work in the Akashic Records requires the ability to step away from the critical mind and drop into the heart space. This is a simple practice that you can do at any time of the day, but I find I love doing this right before getting up from bed or at night before falling asleep. This will help familiarize you with your own heart energies.

When you first start doing this, it is recommended you commit to a daily practice for 30 days. The act of placing your hand on your heart is a physical indication of your intention to connect with your heart. With practice, you may find you no longer need to place your hand on your heart to feel into that energy.

  1. Place a hand on your heart.
  2. Ask yourself a question.
  3. Through your heart, listen for an answer.
  4. Notice how you receive your response. Do you hear/feel/see/know, or experience a combination of all the above, or something else entirely?
  5. If you feel resistance to the answer, with your hand on your heart, ask, “What is the resistance I’m feeling to this question?”
  6. If no answer comes, notice how you react. Acknowledge that now may not be the time for an answer. Affirm, “When the time is right, the answer will come through my heart.”


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