This is one of my personal favorites, which is why I keep bringing it back to the group. I use the Personal Sun meditation when I feel scattered, depleted, and need to bring my energy back together. It’s great to do before or after an event that requires you to be fully centered and grounded in your energy. It’s also one of my favorite tools to “call my energy back” from people or situations that are draining me. This is also a fun way of “filling in the holes” after you do release work.

It never fails to please, either! Dreamers & Schemers have reported feeling whole and energized after this meditation. And it’s super easy to do “on the go.” You can read about how I use this meditation in the course of a day here.


Turn inward to ground and center. Imagine a gold sun about a foot above your head. Imagine that it’s magnetic and it’s calling back your energy from all corners of the universe. So think about all the interactions, worries, and concerns you had today and “call your energy back.” As your energy comes back to you, envision or feel your personal sun glowing even brighter and stronger. Once you feel you’ve called all your energy back, begin to bring that sun down through the crown of your head and feel its energy fill your body from head to toe. As that golden light moves through your body, feel yourself loosen in all the places you’re tight. Sit with your energy in your body and notice what that feels like.

Once you feel every nook and cranny filled with this golden energy, and you have a good grasp on what your personal energy feels like, begin to bring it out through your solar plexus and begin to fill your aura. Notice how far your aura extends around you. Feel yourself surrounded by your energy. Notice how this feels different than holding that energy within the confines of your physical self. Sit with that feeling for as long as you wish.

When you feel you’ve had enough, begin to bring small movements back into your fingers and toes and begin to bring yourself back to the room and open your eyes.

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