This month, Michele Théoret provides us with guidance on how to connect with our second chakra through yoga asanas. From the grounding position of mountain pose, we can choose to move into what she designates as “moon pose/chandrasana.” (Note that this is NOT the version of moon pose where you balance on one foot and one hand, but the standing position that Bikram yoga calls “half moon pose” or ardha chandrasana.)

The idea is to feel ourselves firmly rooted, feet and toes evenly planted, glutes firm, and pelvis neutral. Find space in the upper body by lowering the ribs and lifting the collarbones. Chest expands, palms and eyes face forward, but the gaze goes within and the crown elevates. And from that strong foundation, begin to find fluidity by reaching the arms up to squeeze the palms together to maintain that nice length in our core that we established. Inhale, and then slowly bend to one side as you exhale. Notice how the strength of the legs and the core enables depth and exploration. Inhale back to center and repeat on the other side.

Questions for contemplation:

  • Do you identify with your emotions?
  • Do you change like the tides?
  • Are you accepting of your feelings—negative and positive?
  • Do you feel safe exploring your emotions?



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