Image: Tarot of the Hidden Realm

Yesterday a great blue heron flew overhead, demonstrating his ability to soar even with a feather missing. It always feels like a miracle whenever herons cross my path. They like to fly over the Hudson, not just upstate, but also down by NYC and NJ. Following this encounter I heard a podcast and then read a blog post that both mentioned herons. (Okay, Universe, I’m listening!) I learned that when herons hunt they stand stock still, sometimes for hours, until just the right moment. Then without any notice or hesitation, they swoop to catch their fish.

Heron is comfortable in air, land, and water, and is often depicted with one foot in a stream and the other on dry land. Heron medicine brings us this zen-like ability to be at home in different elements and liminal spaces, and to be alert and ready for action in the stillness. Instead of aggressively seeking and chasing his prey, heron waits for it to come to him. He keeps his focus on the prize until it’s within reach, and then he strikes at the most opportune moment. Heron teaches us trust, patience, right timing, and bold action. Thank you, heron, for teaching me your ways.

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