This past month I’ve been living at a different pace than my normal mode of going either full throttle or champing at the bit in anticipation of the next wave of high energy. These are sweet mornings when I wake up and think, The only thing I have to do today is be true to myself. The common place about great freedom coming with great responsibility has never been truer for me. Living with no externally imposed schedules or demands requires a lot of checking in and decision-making. In the past, whenever I would break free of situations I found too restrictive, I’d often create a new set of arbitrary rules for me to live by. Too much freedom felt uncomfortable. Over the past few years I’ve been loosening the hold guilt, obligation, and social pressure have on my life. I’m not rushing anywhere, I’m doing only what feels right in the moment, and letting myself off the hook for many things over which I have no control or that don’t matter. I’m learning a whole lot, working on meaningful projects, resting as needed, and enjoying life’s simplest but greatest pleasures: loving human and animal companions, beautiful spring weather, nourishing food, and the stillness within me. It’s astounding finding a whole new way of moving through the world.

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