There are countless ways to connect with your ancestors, and I encourage you to explore other methods and eventually come up with your very own way(s) of doing so, but here I offer a brief guided visualization exercise that I adapted from my own work in the Akashic Records, where I first became acquainted with my ancestors. (Note: We will not be going into your Akashic Records for this exercise.)


Preparatory tips

Before we jump into the meditation, let me emphasize the importance of beginner’s mind. In order to get the most from your experience, you will be best served by quieting your critical mind and holding no expectations. Whatever words I use,  do your best not to conceptualize those terms so narrowly. Instead, open yourself to the experience emerging from your subconscious. You may be surprised at what pops up, and that’s a good thing!

This means that when I say a word such as “ancestors,” don’t automatically assume that they are people who were related to you by blood. They may be spiritual ancestors, and / or they may not even take human form. You may meet just one ancestor or several, and you may get a sense of different entities or simply know them as a collective. They may “appear” before you, or you may sense them anywhere else around you (e.g., beside you, above you, behind you, “at 10 o’clock,” etc.).

I also recommend paying attention to how the energy of your ancestors and the knowing they have to offer comes to you. Are you highly visual? Do you hear their words? Or do you sense something more ineffable?

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t seem to be “getting much.” As with any relationship, you may feel a connection instantly, or it may take a bit more time to develop a deeper connection. Remember: the connection is always there. It’s just a matter of being receptive to it and understanding how this works for you.


Guided visualization

[I will eventually get this up on audio, but in the meantime, here is a basic transcript.]

Before turning inward, take a moment to set an intention for your meditation and write down any questions you have for your ancestors.

When you are ready, turn inward and begin to balance between heaven and earth: With each inhale feel yourself taking in the energy of the earth all the way into your center. And with each exhale, feel yourself pulling down the energy of the heavens to your center. After a few breaths, feel both energies mingling at your center. Begin to see or feel a path before you stemming from your center. Begin moving along that path.

After you’ve taken several steps down your pathway, you will begin to sense some kind of opening, threshold, or door. At the other side of this boundary will be your ancestors.

Take a deep breath and cross the threshold. With beginner’s mind, begin to notice what you sense. Ask your first question. After you feel you’ve received your response. Move on to your other questions, one by one. Before you end your conversation, ask your ancestor(s) for their name. [This is great practice for beginner’s mind because it is the type of question your left brain can’t really control.]

When you feel complete, thank your ancestors for their love, support, and guidance, and walk back out the way you came in. Begin to feel yourself coming back to the room and sit for a moment with gratitude in your heart, knowing that connection is always available to you.


Suggested questions

Knowing how to ask productive questions is a vital life skill, and working with your ancestors is a wonderful way of exercising that muscle. The questions I suggest here turn around the work we were doing around the first chakra, but you can bring any and all your questions to your ancestors.

  • What is safety to me?
  • How can I feel more secure in myself and my life?
  • What is my truth today?



  • I find that going into a meditative state makes it a bit easier for a first go-around. But once you become familiar with the energy of your ancestors, you may find it easy to establish a connection as you go about your day.
  • When we did this in group I offered some grounding essential oils and an assortment of red and black stones for added support. Notice if this seems to have any effect on your meditative state.
  • Outside of group, practice either with a partner or on your own. Is it easiest for you to do this on your own, with a partner, or in a group setting?
  • Try this in the morning, before you go to bed, or when you have a few minutes of down time during your day. Notice when you make the connection most easily.
  • Now that you know what your ancestors’ energy feels like, notice if you suddenly become aware of their presence even if you don’t set the intention of connecting with them.

Everyone who tried this out experienced something totally unique, and I would love to hear what your experience with your ancestors is like in the comments!


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