There’s been a lot of hankering in my social and professional circle for a greater feeling of community, and at the request of a few friends and colleagues I’m calling together a regular event conceived as an alternative to mastermind and networking groups. As youth development and non-profit professionals, so much of the work we do is heart-based, yet professional events tend to be focused on cultivating ideas from intellectual or pragmatic standpoints. Bringing things into the world—whether that “thing” is your brainchild or the person you wish to become—requires so much more than a “big idea” and a level of resourcefulness. If you wish to be of service to others creatively, sustainably, and with integrity, you will be called to do a good amount of internal work, as well.

We tend to think of internal work as private and solitary, but it doesn’t have to be a lonely process. Imagine a meetup where the point is not to “grow your network” but make intimate human connections. Imagine a professional gathering where you can come as you are, without any pressure of having to be “on.” Imagine the safest of spaces where you can bring unanswered questions about your life, your biggest dreams about the work you do or wish you were doing, and come to your own personal truth while being held in community.

Welcome to Dreamers & Schemers. You can read about event details here. Why dreamers and schemers? Because we are what’s born in the dark.


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