Carrying so much sadness today, so I am especially thankful for good news. An email from Maurice letting me know that he got into NYU put a great big smile on my face. Here he is at the Centre for Social Innovation. He looks right at home! 

Maurice, you wrote me such a moving thank you letter, but you should understand that you are responsible for getting yourself into NYU. Your other cheerleaders (including Yana from OPTIONS) and I simply gave you a little nudge after you did the difficult work of walking your path. It’s not pride that I feel, but admiration for your capacity for self-transformation. It’s a blessing to be able to walk alongside you on your journey.


shuger02135 · May 1, 2014 at 3:23 pm

This is so awesome–much congratulations! I don’t know Maurice in person but I have read or heard bits and pieces of his story and admire so much all the adversity he has overcome.
Y–not to go all “circle of life” on you, but do you see where you have shifted from being the “child” (the figure who gets guidance, who stands on the shoulders of others to achieve?) to becoming the “parent” (the figure who guides, who supports others so they can achieve?) It doesn’t mean it’s an irreversible transition, that you never get to have guidance or achieve again, but it is, as I understand it, what it really means to grow up.

    Ysette · May 1, 2014 at 3:46 pm

    I am still very much standing on the shoulders not so much of giants, but of yoda. As soon as I am handed a new tool I turn around and hand it to the next person.

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