I’d been toying with the idea of building a program around fairy tales and their retellings. There must be something in the air because this fall NBC began airing Grimm shortly after ABC launched Once Upon a Time. I’m taking the recent trailer releases of two (of the three?) upcoming Snow White movies as a nudge in that direction.

Here is dramatic and action-packed Snow White and the Huntsman:

And here is the comic Mirror Mirror (I can’t embed the video on WordPress, but the link plays the video):


The idea for this program dates back to when I was a child and received a collection of Grimm’s fairy tales. Having been weaned on Disney, it was an eye-opening experience, as when I later read Anne Sexton’s poetic takes on those classic tales. Here is a translation of the original “Little Snow-White” and here is Anne Sexton’s “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.”

I’d like to flesh out my ideas for this in a later post.



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